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About Us

Meet The Authors is a website dedicated to helping new and established authors in the world of self-publishing. It was created by co-founders Lee Davies and Robert Jones, two everyday authors from the UK. Lee Davies is the author of The Utopia Conspiracy and Robert Jones is the author of the Micklegate series. Together, they use their years of experience to create how-to guides, with step-by-step training and tools to help authors on their literary journey. Whether you need help with writing, editing, publishing, marketing or anything else related to being an author, you can find it on Meet The Authors. You can also join the Forum, a community where you can request advice and also help others with your own insights and tips. Meet The Authors has received rave reviews from registered authors who say that it has saved them hundreds of hours of researching and planning. The MTA Blogs cover a multitude of topics related to being an author, such as how to create memorable characters, how to write a catchy blurb, how to deal with writer's block and more. If you are an author or aspire to be one, Meet The Authors is the website for you.

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Our Story

Robert Jones and Lee Davies are the dynamic duo behind Meet The Authors, a virtual platform that helps aspiring and experienced writers navigate the challenges of self-publishing. But how did these two very different people from opposite ends of the UK become such good friends and business partners?

Robert formerly taught History and Art &Design to students ranging from early teens to undergraduates before becoming a strategic manager within education. He lives in Lancashire and loves to write quirky stories which focus on historical fiction in York.

Lee is a bit of a tech whiz: a trained engineer and now head of business intelligence. He resides on the south coast of England, equipped with gadgets, gizmos and games. His passion is to write stories that involve an element of fact, conspiracy and fiction with a dash of adventure and mystery.

They met online when Lee was looking for some writing advice and stumbled across Robert's profile on a freelancer website. They hit it off right away, despite their different backgrounds and accents. They discovered that they had a lot in common: similar interests, a passion for writing, a desire to help others and a sense of fun.

They decided to create Meet The Authors, a virtual platform that offers coaching, editing, formatting, marketing and publishing services to writers of all genres and levels. They also host author interviews, create snippets and regularly post to other blogs and social media where they share their insights, tips and tricks on how to become a successful self-published author.

The amazing thing is that Robert and Lee have never met in person! They run a virtual business and communicate exclusively through phone calls, emails and video chats. They do plan to meet someday, but for now, they are happy to run their business remotely and they are proof that friendship and collaboration can transcend physical boundaries.

Meet The Team

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