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All the tools in one place!

Colorful Book Spines

Below is a full list of the tools and resources available 

3 Specifically designed writer training courses, covering: 

Course 1 - Writing your first book

•Getting started - I have an idea! •Research, why is it different? •Who should I tell? •What do you want from it (reasons checklist) •Story writing essentials •Your writing environment •Folder structures and version control •Who is the target audience? •What genre am I in? (Link to a List of genres) •What’s the catch? What hooks people in? •Creating a skeleton outline plan •Creating a chapter plan •Character profiling •Who, what, where, when and why? •Using a large number of characters •Dealing with writer’s block •Timeframe to write a book •Timekeeping and schedule •Let’s get started •Prologue, is it needed •Eat, sleep, write, delete, repeat •Using chronology or not •Visualising your scenes •Explaining thoughts, senses and feelings…well it’s like… •It has to make sense! •Chapter and page lengths •The denouement and cliff- hanger/lead into your next book •The last chapter - that’s it job done (Not by a long shot!)

Course 2 - Reviewing, editing and publishing

•Reviewing The first full read-through Bite-size reviewing Chapter notes – (Story line, characters, plot, jeopardy, suspense, cliff-hanger) Ghostwriters and other support •Editing Edit, and then move on Grammar, punctuation, phrasing, editing and proofreading. Perfect? What are author copies? Writing a catchy synopsis •Publishing Getting a publishing deal Self –publishing oWhere to self-publish: Amazon (KDP) Apple Books Barnes and Noble Kobo Meet the Authors Using Goodreads What’s next?

Course 3 - Marketing your book

•Marketing & Sales •Social media •Facebook •Instagram •Others •Meet the Authors •Advertising •Facebook advertising •Amazon advertising •Website •Amazon ‘A’ material •Goodreads •Live events •Face to face •The Press •Word of mouth •Other •Reviews •Here are some simple tips to cope with this, even if it’s just one review that has upset you.

Downloadable tools

Book Planner  - ensuring you do not lose sight of chapters, storyline, research and scene locations

Book Publishing Planner - helps you track your progress and budget to ensure you have a clear route to marketing your book.

The Missing Link - Never get stuck again looking for that missing word

Book Template files - Specfic size templates for all varieties of books in multiple languages

Non-Disclosure agreements - Make sure your idea is protected 

Beta reader feedback form - Make sure you ask the right questions to get optimal feedback 

Links - Get links to various resources and recommended software 

Video Tutorials on


  •  How to start writing

  • Setting up and publishing to your Amazon KDP Account 

  • Using Grammarly

  • Goodreads

  • Using a Hashtag generator

  • Creating your Amazon presence

  • Dealing with reviews 

  • Publishing your e-book to Apple Books

  • Setting up a Facebook Advert

What our customers say...


"I can't thank Meet the Authors enough for their incredible courses! 'Reviewing, Editing, and Publishing' was a game-changer for me. The detailed insights into the editing process were a lifesaver. I feel so much more confident about putting my work out there. Highly recommend!"

- Alex M.


"The Downloadable Tools from Meet the Authors are a godsend. The Book Planner and Publishing Planner helped me stay organized and on track throughout my writing journey. And let's not forget the Missing Link tool - a genius solution for writer's block! I can't recommend these enough." - Daniel L.


"The Book Templates " by Meet the Authors were a game-changer for me. I was struggling to format my book properly, but these templates made it a breeze. Plus, the bilingual options saved me a ton of time on translations. Fantastic resource!" - Lucia G.


"I've always been lost when it comes to book marketing, but the 'Marketing Your Book' course was a revelation. The step-by-step strategies are easy to implement and have already boosted my book's visibility. This course is a must for any aspiring author!" - Robert H.

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