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Become an author
6-week bootcamp

For just a one off payment of 

Image by Darius Bashar

Introducing our 'Become an Author 6-week boot camp Package' - Your Express Lane to Authorship Success!

Embark on your author journey with our comprehensive package tailored for budding writers like you. Have a brilliant book idea but need expert guidance on planning, writing, editing, cover design, publishing, and marketing? We've got you covered!

🚀 What You'll Get:
- Weekly discussion videos and daily tasks and information covering a range of topics including:



  • Getting started - I have an idea!

  • Research, why is it different?

  • Who should I tell?

  • What do you want from it (reasons checklist)

  • Story writing essentials

  • Your writing environment

  • Folder structures and version control

  • Who is the target audience?

  • What genre am I in? (Link to a List of genres)

  • What’s the catch? What hooks people in?

  • Creating a skeleton outline plan

  • Creating a chapter plan

  • Character profiling

  • Who, what, where, when and why?

  • Using a large number of characters

  • Dealing with writer’s block

  • Time frame to write a book

  • Timekeeping and schedule

  • Let’s get started

  • Prologue, is it needed

  • Eat, sleep, write, delete, repeat

  • Using chronology or not

  • Visualising your scenes

  • Explaining thoughts, senses and feelings…well it’s like…

  • It has to make sense!

  • Chapter and page lengths

  • The denouement and cliff- hanger/lead into your next book

  • The last chapter - that’s it job done (Not by a long shot!)


  • The first full read-through           

  • Bite-size reviewing          

  • Chapter notes – (Story line, characters, plot, jeopardy, suspense, cliff-hanger)

  • Ghostwriters and other support

  • Editing            

  • Edit, and then move on  

  • Grammar, punctuation, phrasing, editing and proofreading.           

  • Perfect?   

  • What are author copies?

  • Writing a catchy synopsis           

  • Publishing    

  • Getting a publishing deal            

  • Self–publishing   

  • Where to self-publish:    

  • Amazon (KDP)     

  • Apple Books         

  • Barnes and Noble            

  • Kobo         

  • Meet the Authors

  • Using Goodreads

  • What’s next?       


Marketing & Sales 

  • Social media        

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

  • Others      

  • Meet the Authors

  • Advertising           

  • Facebook advertising     

  • Amazon advertising        

  • Website   

  • Amazon ‘A’ material         

  • Goodreads           

  • Live events           

  • Face to face         

  • The Press 

  • Word of mouth    

  • Other forms

  • Reviews   

What our customers say...


"Unleashed my Inner Author! This package was a game-changer for me. The 1:1 call helped refine my storyline, and the toolkit was a treasure trove of resources. The video tutorials were my lifeline, making the entire process a breeze. I'm now a published author, and it's all thanks to this incredible package!" - Emily W.


"Author's Dream Come True! This package exceeded my expectations. The 1:1 session was eye-opening, and the toolkit provided structure to my ideas. The video tutorials were like having a mentor by my side. Thanks to this package, I am now a published author with a book I'm incredibly proud of!" - Sarah K.


"Transformed my Dream into Reality! From the personalised call to the extensive training, this package offered everything I needed. The tools and tutorials were invaluable, guiding me step by step. I'm now holding my own book in my hands - an experience I'll cherish forever. Highly recommend!" - Michael T.


"Unmatched Support for Aspiring Authors! This package is a goldmine for anyone with a story to tell. The 1:1 call was instrumental in shaping my book, and the toolkit made every step manageable. The video tutorials were my guiding light. Today, I hold my published book in my hands, all thanks to this package!" - James P.

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