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6 Week step-by-step course

Weekly video discussion sessions with our authors

2 x Q&A Video sessions

Small groups (Limited availability)

Unlimited access to the MTA author online training program

Access to all training video content

Access to our authors members area

Access to our blogs

For just a one off payment of 


Introducing our 'Author Accelerator Package' - Your Express Lane to Authorship Success!

Embark on your author journey with our comprehensive package tailored for budding writers like you. Have a brilliant book idea but need expert guidance on planning, writing, editing, cover design, publishing, and marketing? We've got you covered!

🚀 What You'll Get:
- Kickstart with a private 1:1 video call (100% confidential) to brainstorm and refine your book concept with one of our seasoned authors.

- Unlock a treasure trove of knowledge through our certified training courses, including 'Writing Your Debut', 'Refining, Polishing & Publishing', and 'Mastering Book Marketing'. Equip yourself with indispensable tools for your journey - from the comprehensive 'Meet The Authors' guide to a meticulously crafted book chapter and character planner, alongside an array of potent marketing resources.

- Dive into our toolkit of resources, including the invaluable 'Meet The Authors' step-by-step guide, book chapter and character planner, and powerful marketing tools.

- Master the art of authorship with our library of engaging video tutorials. From setting up your KDP account to Amazon publishing, Goodreads strategies, eye-catching book cover design, and insider marketing hacks, we've got the inside scoop.

Seize control of your creative timeline and watch your masterpiece come to life. Join us on this transformative journey to becoming a published author, and let's make your literary dreams a reality!

What our customers say...


"Unleashed my Inner Author! This package was a game-changer for me. The 1:1 call helped refine my storyline, and the toolkit was a treasure trove of resources. The video tutorials were my lifeline, making the entire process a breeze. I'm now a published author, and it's all thanks to this incredible package!" - Emily W.


"Transformed my Dream into Reality! From the personalised call to the extensive training, this package offered everything I needed. The tools and tutorials were invaluable, guiding me step by step. I'm now holding my own book in my hands - an experience I'll cherish forever. Highly recommend!" - Michael T.


"Unmatched Support for Aspiring Authors! This package is a goldmine for anyone with a story to tell. The 1:1 call was instrumental in shaping my book, and the toolkit made every step manageable. The video tutorials were my guiding light. Today, I hold my published book in my hands, all thanks to this package!" - James P.


"Author's Dream Come True! This package exceeded my expectations. The 1:1 session was eye-opening, and the toolkit provided structure to my ideas. The video tutorials were like having a mentor by my side. Thanks to this package, I am now a published author with a book I'm incredibly proud of!" - Sarah K.

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