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Grammar checking service 

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checked for

only £40



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only £80



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only £160



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only £240



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only £320

No matter how many times you proofread your manuscript there will always be something that you have missed in terms of word usage, passive voice, presenting from a first-person view, punctuation, tense usage, sentence structure and length, repetition, redundancy, inconsistencies and most commonly typos. Whether it's simply down to typing fast and selecting the wrong key, it’s common to see dropped letters, missing or misplaced apostrophes and switched letters that your standard spellchecker won’t find on its own. Quite often the typo will actually be a real word that you didn’t even intend to use.  

Examples include things like:

  • incorrect word usage such as “than” vs. “then”

  • wrong verb tense such as “choose” vs. “chose”

  • dropped letters such as “an” vs. “and” or “the” vs. “they”

  • missing apostrophes such as “its” vs. “it’s”

The MTA service will aim to reduce the number of inaccuracies mentioned above and is priced in 20k word increments. If your novel is 75k words for example you will need to purchase the 80k word package. However, if your novel is 70k words then please add the 60k and the10k word packages to the basket 


About this service 

The Process 

Once purchased we will contact you to arrange for you to securely provide us with your manuscript in Microsoft Word format. 

The review process will usually take 1-2 days per 20k words. 

We will provide you with an updated version and supporting document detailing any changes or recommendations we may have. 

Be aware that this is not an editing and proofreading service where we would comment on the structure, characters, dialogue, scenes, or general content of your book. This service is purely for grammatical amendments only


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