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Self-publishing made easy: All you need from downloadable tools, resources, and promotions to online training courses and more

Meet The Authors has been designed by authors for authors. Writing a book can be an expensive challenge that many new authors are unaware of. From the initial idea to ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, grammar checking, publishing, book cover design and promotion all come at a cost. (On average £1500- £2000) 


Our extensive resources will enable you to reduce or eliminate many of these costs by providing step-by-step instructions and tools to enable you to self-publish without hiring in these skill sets.

By joining MTA you not only benefit from the tools, training and resources but also from becoming part of the writer's community which are there to support and share advice and experience

With our 3 membership plans, you can find the one that's right for you. 

Join our community with our Free membership 

Some specific author services below are charged independently 

Tools to help you write

Pitch it service

Help with your book idea

WhatsApp Service


Dont feel alone as a new author

Training Courses

Training Courses button.png

Training courses to guide you

Downloadable tools

Book planning tool .png

Tools to help you plan and write

Plus lots more.....


Tools to help you edit and publish

Marketing Assistance

Marketing icon.png

Plan your marketing campaigns

YouTube Channel 


Videos guides to help you publish

Training Courses

Training Courses button.png

Training courses to guide you

Grammar Check

Grammer Check 2.png

Digital and visual grammar check

Plus lots more.....

Edit / Publish

Tools to help you promote

Author Interviews

Author Interviews.png

Market your book trailer 

MTA Snippets

Snippets service button.png

A sneek peek reading into your book

Author Website

author website.png

Create an author website presence

Sell you book in our digital bookstore

Digital Bookstore


Sell your book in our bookstore

Plus lots more.....


Be part of the author community

Author Forum

MTA Logo Writers Forum.png

Join our author forum

Author Blogs


Read our informative blogs 

Social Media

Social Media.png

Follow our social media 

Virtual Booksigning


Digital and visual grammar check


Check out some of the amazing tools and resources we offer 

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