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Welcome to our Alpha Reading Service, tailored for authors who have completed or are nearing completion of their manuscript. Our dedicated team of experienced readers is here to provide insightful feedback to enhance your work before it reaches its final stages.


Our Alpha Reading Service covers a comprehensive range of aspects, including:

Plot Holes/Discrepancies: Identifying any gaps or inconsistencies in your plot to ensure a seamless and engaging narrative.

Pacing: Evaluating the pace of your story, ensuring it is neither too fast nor too slow, maintaining reader engagement throughout.

Setting Inconsistencies:  Addressing issues related to setting, such as inconsistencies or the need for more descriptive elements to enrich the reader's experience.

Believability of Romance/Action Scenes: Assessing the authenticity of romance and action sequences, ensuring they resonate with readers.

Character Inconsistencies: Analyzing character development for any inconsistencies and providing suggestions for improvement.

Possible Chapter Revisions: Offering recommendations for potential revisions to strengthen individual chapters and the overall flow of your manuscript.

Specifics to Be Mindful Of: Inviting authors to provide specific areas of focus, ensuring our feedback aligns with their unique goals and concerns.


Our commitment to preserving your voice is unwavering. We understand the effort and creativity you've poured into your work, and we aim to enhance it without taking any credit or royalties. You retain full ownership of your masterpiece.


Approximate turnaround times for our Alpha Reading Service are designed to be efficient, allowing you to receive constructive feedback promptly. Your manuscript's turnaround time will be communicated upon submission, ensuring you stay informed and in control of your publishing timeline.


Choose our Alpha Reading Service to elevate your manuscript to its highest potential while maintaining the authenticity that makes it uniquely yours. Let us be your trusted partners on the journey to literary success.


Once purchased we will be in contact with you to go through the next steps 

Alpha Reading

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