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Elevate your online presence and captivate your audience with Meet The Authors' comprehensive website review services. In the digital realm, your author website is your virtual calling card, and our expert evaluations are designed to ensure it leaves an indelible mark. Our Basic Website Review, priced at just £25, provides high-level feedback, offering valuable insights to enhance your site's appeal and functionality. As you ascend through our tiered packages, unlock benefits such as grammar and spelling refinement, broken link identification, and meticulous evaluations of design structure and responsiveness. A meticulously reviewed website not only reduces bounce rates but also amplifies professionalism, captivating visitors from the first click. Our Premium Website Review, complete with a detailed video analysis, goes above and beyond, offering personalised guidance on brand consistency and storytelling. Invest in the success of your authorship – let Meet The Authors refine your digital footprint, leaving an unforgettable impression on your readership.


Our website review packages: 


Basic Package - £25:

  • High-level feedback on your website.
  • General impressions and suggestions for improvement.
  • Brief analysis of design and user experience.

Standard Package - £85:

  • Everything in the Basic package, plus:
  • Grammar check and spelling review.
  • Identification of broken links.
  • Initial insights into overall look and feel.
  • Detailed analysis of design structure and layout.
  • Evaluation of responsive design for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Premium Package - £150:

  • Everything in the Standard package, plus:
  • In-depth feedback on individual page elements.
  • Recommendations for optimizing visual aesthetics.
  • Advice on how to monitor website usage and user engagement.
  • Suggestions for content improvements.
  • Personalized recorded video session analyzing the website on multiple platforms.
  • Live demonstration of website navigation and user experience.
  • Additional insights into brand consistency and visual storytelling.
  • In-depth recommendations for improvement tailored to your author brand.

Author Website review

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