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‘Be a Teacher!’ is a heart-warming collection of stories and anecdotes from the author’s 40 years working within the education sector.


There are many funny tales but also those that are sad and ironic.


Although is not necessarily a book about how to teach well, he does share his thoughts on a number of timeless issues.


Neither is it just for teachers, it is to be enjoyed by anyone who has been tasked with nurturing and educating young people…and that includes parents!


Rob Jones, author of the Micklegate series, writes of his extensive experience from the young, green postgraduate rookie teaching in colleges and schools, to his roles as head of year and head of department with a passion for new and developing technologies. Then on to later years when he developed and managed unique educational solutions and services for the local authority and the government in which he supported those most vulnerable in society.


Author Profile - Robert W Jones 


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Be a Teacher!

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