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Author services

Welcome to our Beta Reading Service, specifically designed for authors who have completed either alpha reading or undergone several rounds of self-editing. Our team of dedicated readers are here to provide valuable, reader-centric feedback to elevate your manuscript to its fullest potential.


Our Beta Reading Service focuses on broader aspects of your manuscript, offering insights into:

Overall Plot Flow: Evaluating the cohesion and flow of your plot to ensure a captivating and seamless reading experience.

Character Likability: Assessing the relatability and appeal of your characters to engage readers emotionally.

First Chapter Impact:  Analyzing the effectiveness of your opening chapter in grabbing the reader's attention and setting the tone for the story.

Satisfying Ending: Providing feedback on the conclusion, ensuring it delivers a satisfying resolution and leaves a lasting impression.


This service, while not as detailed as an alpha read, is equally vital in gaining a reader's perspective. It offers a fresh set of eyes to identify what works and what might need adjustment, providing a valuable perspective on the overall reader experience.


We understand the importance of taking your manuscript seriously, and our commitment to preserving your voice remains unwavering. You retain full ownership of your work, and we do not seek any credit or royalties.


The Beta Reading Service aims to be prompt and efficient in providing you with the essential feedback you need. Upon submission, you will be informed of the approximate turnaround time, ensuring you stay on track with your publishing goals.


Choose our Beta Reading Service to gain valuable insights into the reader's perspective and refine your manuscript for a more impactful and satisfying reading experience. Let us be your trusted partners as you navigate the final steps towards literary success.


Once purchased we will be in contact with you to go through the next steps 


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