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Author services

Welcome to our Collaboration Package, your comprehensive partner on the path to becoming a published author. Begin your journey with our exclusive Pitch-It service, conducted under full NDA protection, allowing you to share your ideas confidentially and receive constructive feedback to shape your narrative.


Throughout the writing process, our expert team will guide you, conducting alpha and beta reviews to refine your chapters while ensuring your unique voice remains intact. We extend our support to formatting your book for both eBook and paperback publishing, guiding you through self-publishing on platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Barnes & Noble (B&N).

Our commitment goes beyond traditional services – you'll receive WhatsApp text support with answers to 10 subject questions, providing real-time assistance. Additionally, access a wealth of content, including tools and video training, to enhance your skills and knowledge.


What makes us unique is our genuine passion for preserving your individuality. We don't seek royalties or credit for your work – your success is our reward. Upon purchasing the Collaboration Package, we'll schedule a Teams or Zoom Pitch-It meeting, initiating a personalised journey to bring your literary dreams to life. Embrace the support you deserve, and step confidently into the world of authorship with us.


To get started please select the estimated word count that you anticipate your book being. For guidance, a Novella is usually around 10-30 thousand words and a novel is around 70 thousand words. Dont worry if you go over this as additional bolt on's can be added at a later date. 


Once purchased we will be in contact with you to go through the next steps 

Collaboration Package

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