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Rose: (The Cure Series)  - By Jeremy Horgan


John Doe and his companion, Rose, are travelling their way across the country, meeting with clairvoyants and psychics when they become embroiled in a murder case. As they become prime suspects more evidence leads the police to wonder why they are in their town and what their intentions are towards the local community. Meanwhile, a mysterious man tries to make contact with John Doe and more people start to die under suspicious circumstances. Yet again the finger is pointed towards the two out of towners. Is the man involved with the deaths and, if so, why is he trying to frame John Doe for the murders? As more and more from John Doe’s past is revealed, Rose starts to question her infatuation and loyalty to the man that took her in and wonders what further secrets are held in the journal that he holds so dear.


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Rose (The Cure Series)

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