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Author Websites

Introducing our

'Author Website Design Services' 

🚀 What You'll Get:
A friendly service

- A fresh professional looking author website 

- Support with configuration and domain registration

- Jargon explained in non-technical terms

Unsure if you need your author website designed for you? Then please check out our form checker below... 
Do I need to have my author website built for me?

Technical Skills:

  • Assess your proficiency in web design and development. If you lack the necessary skills, hiring a professional may be a better choice to ensure a high-quality website.

Do feel confident that you could design and build a professional looking author website? 

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Already have an author website?

Could you benefit from a review? 

What our author website

design services provide

  1. Exceptional Web Design and Development:

    • A well-crafted website is your digital storefront. Author website designers create visually appealing layouts, ensuring your site is user-friendly and engaging.

    • We can handle the technical aspects like domain setup, hosting, and responsive design to ensure your site works seamlessly across devices.

  2. One-of-a-Kind Book Displays:

    • Showcase your literary works prominently. Whether it’s book covers, excerpts, or synopses, your website should highlight your writing.

    • Engaging book displays can entice visitors to explore further and discover your books.

  3. Brilliant Content Management Services:

    • Regularly updating your website with fresh content is crucial. With your Author's website, we can assist with managing blog posts, news updates, and other relevant information.

    • We ensure your content aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience.

  4. Essential Pages for Your Author Website:

    • Home Page: Your digital threshold, where visitors get their first impression of you.

    • About Page: A digital biography that brings readers closer to your journey as an author.

    • Book Page: Showcase your books, including covers, blurbs, and purchase links.

    • Events Page: Share details about book signings, readings, or virtual events.

    • Mailing List and Newsletter: Capture reader emails for direct communication.

    • Contact Page: Provide a way for readers, agents, or publishers to reach out

Our Tailored Design Process:

  • First Contact: Initiate your order by completing the short form above. We will promptly get in touch.

  • Submit Requirements: We will provide you with a web designer who will document and understands your needs. They’ll craft a tailored draft for your review.

  • First Webpage Approval: Once approved, the designer creates your first webpage, combining your interests and writing style.

  • In-Depth Editing: Expert editors refine the drafts to perfection.

  • Final Formatting: Add layout designs and settings.

  • Website Launch: Your author website goes live, ready to attract readers and showcase your work. SEO-rich content and marketing strategies can help generate traffic

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Website review services

Basic Package - £25:

  • High-level feedback on your website.

  • General impressions and suggestions for improvement.

  • Brief analysis of design and user experience.

Standard Package - £85:

  • Everything in the Basic package, plus:

  • Grammar check and spelling review.

  • Identification of broken links.

  • Initial insights into overall look and feel.

  • Detailed analysis of design structure and layout.

  • Evaluation of responsive design for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Premium Package - £250:

  • Everything in the Standard package, plus:

  • In-depth feedback on individual page elements.

  • Recommendations for optimizing visual aesthetics.

  • Advice on how to monitor website usage and user engagement.

  • Suggestions for content improvements.

  • Personalized recorded video session analyzing the website on multiple platforms.

  • Live demonstration of website navigation and user experience.

  • Additional insights into brand consistency and visual storytelling.

  • In-depth recommendations for improvement tailored to your author brand.

What our customers say...


"Unleashed my Inner Author! This package was a game-changer for me. The 1:1 call helped refine my storyline, and the toolkit was a treasure trove of resources. The video tutorials were my lifeline, making the entire process a breeze. I'm now a published author, and it's all thanks to this incredible package!" - Emily W.


"Transformed my Dream into Reality! From the personalised call to the extensive training, this package offered everything I needed. The tools and tutorials were invaluable, guiding me step by step. I'm now holding my own book in my hands - an experience I'll cherish forever. Highly recommend!" - Michael T.


"Unmatched Support for Aspiring Authors! This package is a goldmine for anyone with a story to tell. The 1:1 call was instrumental in shaping my book, and the toolkit made every step manageable. The video tutorials were my guiding light. Today, I hold my published book in my hands, all thanks to this package!" - James P.


"Author's Dream Come True! This package exceeded my expectations. The 1:1 session was eye-opening, and the toolkit provided structure to my ideas. The video tutorials were like having a mentor by my side. Thanks to this package, I am now a published author with a book I'm incredibly proud of!" - Sarah K.

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