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MTA Author Support

Below is a full list of the tools and resources available from MTA

What our customers say...


"I can't thank Meet the Authors enough for their incredible courses! 'Reviewing, Editing, and Publishing' was a game-changer for me. The detailed insights into the editing process were a lifesaver. I feel so much more confident about putting my work out there. Highly recommend!"

- Alex M.


"The Downloadable Tools from Meet the Authors are a godsend. The Book Planner and Publishing Planner helped me stay organized and on track throughout my writing journey. And let's not forget the Missing Link tool - a genius solution for writer's block! I can't recommend these enough." - Daniel L.


"The Book Templates " by Meet the Authors were a game-changer for me. I was struggling to format my book properly, but these templates made it a breeze. Plus, the bilingual options saved me a ton of time on translations. Fantastic resource!" - Lucia G.


"I've always been lost when it comes to book marketing, but the 'Marketing Your Book' course was a revelation. The step-by-step strategies are easy to implement and have already boosted my book's visibility. This course is a must for any aspiring author!" - Robert H.

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