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Book Marketing 

Author website design

"The true joy of being an author lies in the ability to paint entire worlds with words, breathe life into characters, and take readers on journeys that transcend time and space."

What is Meet the Authors?

Meet the Authors is your gateway to unleashing the full potential of your story. As passionate authors, we thrive on helping individuals bring their narratives to life. Whether you've been nurturing a novel idea or possess a captivating life experience, we're here to be your dedicated partners throughout the entire journey. More than mere editors and hybrid publishers, we're committed to sharing our extensive knowledge with both aspiring authors and those seeking to share their unique tales. With Meet the Authors, your vision transforms into a literary masterpiece, ready to captivate the world. Explore the possibilities with us!

No idea where to start?   

Why not join our 6 week Become a writer BOOT CAMP 

Want to write your own work but need help editing and publishing?   

Then our author collaboration package is just for you

Would you prefer to have your story crafted for you? 

No problem, our Ghost-writing package is just what you are after

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Become a writer BOOT CAMP

Let us train and support you to become a self-published author in under 6 weeks!

Our Packages 

We have designed a range of affordable packages starting with our 'Become an author package' which will provide you with the training, tools and videos to help you learn how to become a successful author. Our 'Collaboration package' gives you the support of professional editing, cover design and assistance with self-publishing and our 'Ghost-writing package' will let you take it easy whilst we take your words and craft them into a masterpiece. See below for further details on each of these packages 

Conversation between Colleagues

Author collaboration package

Let's work together to get your book written, edited & published 


Ghost-writing Package

Let us do the hard work. Write, edit, cover design and publish your masterpiece 

Become a writer 

6 Week guided writer BOOT CAMP

  • Take control of your book's destiny with our 'Become a Writer' BOOT CAMP.

  • Each week we will hold a 1-hour session based on various topics relating to the process of becoming a writer

  • You'll be equipped with all the tools, training videos, and expert guidance you need to write, edit, and promote your book. See the full list here

  • 2 x virtual question and answer sessions during the course. 

  • Receive prompts and notifications at various points throughout the training 

  • Limited places available 


  • Features:

    • ​Comprehensive Training Videos and Tools

    • Live video calls with our authors 

    • Become part of an author community helping each other


(RRP £699)

Now only £185

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Not quite right for you?

Click below 

Why not check out our other packages 

Conversation between Colleagues

Collaborative Authorship Package

Unleash your creativity while we refine your masterpiece. With our Collaborative Book Creation package, you write the chapters, and we'll expertly review and edit them, offering one revision. We'll also craft a stunning book cover from your sketch and publish your work in both ebook and paperback formats. Access a wealth of training resources to fine-tune your writing skills.


  •   Thorough Chapter Review and Editing (1 Revision)

  •   Custom Book Cover Design

  •   Ebook and Paperback Publishing

  •   Training Videos and Tools


Prices start from only £1499 

Your Ideas,
             Our Words, 

One Extraordinary Book

Click below 

Ghost-Writing Package

Let us bring your story to life. In this package, we'll handle all the writing based on interviews with you, ensuring your narrative shines. Additionally, we'll create a captivating snippet video to promote your book. You'll receive a personalized social media setup and your own author website to establish your online presence.


  • Expert Ghost-writing from Interviews

  • Snippet Video for Book Promotion

  • Social Media Setup

  • Hardcopy 

  • Comprehensive Training Resources

Prices start from only £2999

Some of our books....


Do you need an author website? 

Click below 

"An author's website is a powerful tool, connecting you directly with your readers, showcasing your work, and opening doors to new opportunities in the literary world."

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Bespoke author website design

In today's digital age, an author's website is crucial for effective book marketing. It's your virtual storefront, providing a direct connection to your work. This platform showcases your portfolio, offers insights into your writing process, and shares exclusive content. It centralizes information about you, your books, and events or promotions. A website conveys professionalism, signalling your commitment to writing. Through features like a blog or newsletter, you engage and build a loyal fan base. In a crowded online space, it allows you to control your brand and messaging. An author's website is essential for connecting with your audience and elevating your writing career.


  •   Professional website design

  •   Responsive  for both desktop and mobile devices

  •   Ebook sales channel

  •   Blog posts and social media signposting


Price range:

from only £499 to £2999

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